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Annual Reunions Allow Members to Stay in Touch - Do you agree?

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

The last reunion was held in Boston at the ship for its 225th Anniversary sail. The USS Constitution Museum hosted a wonderful dinner the night before and a superb buffet after the turnaround cruise. Later that evening the membership gathered in Chelsea for dinner.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions for future events.

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here's a place full of naval history

long way to go but there is a lot to do and see

Hawaii, Pearl Harbor USS Arizona memorial


Nov 13, 2023
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Maybe if there were mini reunions scheduled around other (Navy related) events around the country. Crew could sign up and attend as they wish? Or couple mini reunions around major Boston area events so there is more to do on a trip back to Boston.


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Whole-heartedly agree; last year’s reunion was phenomenal, and my only wish to make future celebrations better is that even more former crew are able to make the trip.


Site Administrator
Site Administrator
Nov 05, 2023
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Adm. Lisa Franchetti Sworn in as 33rd Chief of Naval Operations

The Admiral that visited with us on the 225th Anniversary Turnaround sail is now the current CNO.


Mickey Wiles
Mickey Wiles
Oct 20, 2023

I support having annual reunions. I really like the ones in Boston and back on the ship. I would like other locations however do think being tied somehow to our Mission or Navy Experience would be best . such as other Naval museums or sites.

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